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Fun Indoor Project: St. Paddy’s Day Tree

Stuck at home with the kids and need something to do? Here's a festive idea to consider with your kids.

In these current days where we're staying at home and looking for fun indoor projects to do with our kids, here's a fun idea coming your way.

If you have an artifical Christmas tree, go drag it out of your attic/garage/storage space, set It up, then break out all the craft supplies you have so the kids can make St. Patrick's Day decorations. Don't have a lot of craft supplies on hand? Then make a quick trip to your local Michaels or JoAnn store to pick up staples like construction paper, glue, googly eyes, felt, colored pipe cleaner, glitter, etc. By the way, a hot glue gun is your best friend during craft sessions — but YOU handle that, not your little ones.

Our managing editor's family put together this St. Patrick's Day themed tree:


Enjoy the goofiness and fun of it all. It's something you CAN do, and your kids will love making the decor. Here are some ideas for you to consider:


Make festive garland by stringing Fruit Loops on yarn.
Rainbow ribbon and felt hearts add joy.
Cut paper plates, paint them green, then glue them
together to make a Celtic trinity symbol.
Glue Fruit Loops and cotton balls to a piece of 
construction paper to make a festive rainbow.
Shamrock and heart love.
Make a leprechaun from a paper plate and construction paper.
String a rainbow ribbon around the tree and craft
a pot of gold at the bottom.

If you need St. Paddy's Day crafting ideas, click HERE.

You can take the idea of a holiday tree into Easter — especially since Easter events in Nashville are canceled this year. So make the holiday fun at home. String the lights on the tree, and let your kids craft it up! Here are a few ideas for decorating:

• Buy a large batch of plastic Easter eggs and thread them together for "garland" … you'll need yarn and a drill with a small bit to open holes in the tops and bottoms of the eggs.

• Fruit Loop garland — buy a couple boxes of cereal and yarn. Use Scotch tape at the end of the yarn for easy threading.

• Peeps. Yeah, those weird marshmallow creatures. With a needle and thread, you can create "garland" out of them, too, if you're willing to buy a bunch of them. OR, just get ornament hooks from amazon and hang them individually. 

• Keep your craft supplies bulked up and have fun with your kids creating something unique. 

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