The Gallatin City Council approved the city’s annual paving list in late August, which includes various maintenance work on 31 city-maintained streets. The total estimated cost is $937,698.

Work on the roads is expected to begin in late September or early October.

The city’s engineering department uses a rating system to determine which city-maintained roads are the most in need of repairs. Points are deducted from a total of 100 based on various distresses including cracking, potholes, utility cuts and drainage issues.

A section of Hillwood Drive from Langwood Drive to Woodvale Drive received the lowest rating on the list with a score of 31. No street received better than a 69 rating.

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The city’s complete paving list includes:

  • Barbara Avenue (entire street)
  • Bell Breeze Place (entire street)
  • Big Station Camp Boulevard from Station Camp Middle School to Notting Hill Drive
  • Bradford Drive from State Route 25 to Buckingham Boulevard
  • Buckingham Boulevard from Bradford Drive to the asphalt joint
  • Caitlin Court (entire street)
  • Carrel Drive (entire street)
  • Chambers Circle (entire street)
  • Coles Ferry Road from Edgewood Drive to the city limits
  • Collinwood Drive (entire street)
  • Cromwell Street (entire street)
  • Drivers Lane (entire street)
  • East Morris Drive (entire street)
  • Enlow Street (entire street)
  • Hawkins Avenue (entire street)
  • Hillcrest Drive from East Main Street to North Willowmont Avenue
  • Hillwood Drive from Langwood Drive to Woodvale Drive
  • Indian Hills Court (entire street)
  • Kenny Street (entire street)
  • Lane Avenue (entire street)
  • Langwood Drive from Coles Ferry Road to Mack Alice Drive
  • Lee Court (entire street)
  • Lorraine Drive (entire street)
  • Meadowlake Drive (entire street)
  • Small Street from the Shalom Zone to Blythe Avenue
  • South Park Circle (entire street)
  • South Westland Avenue from East Main Street to East Bledsoe Street
  • Wall Street (entire street)
  • Wayne Street (entire street)
  • West Franklin Street from Locust Street to North Water Avenue
  • West Schell Street (entire street)