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April 12, 2024

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Gallatin to Repave 31 Roads, See Which Ones

Nearly three dozen streets across Gallatin will become less bumpy within the next year.

The Gallatin City Council approved the city’s annual paving list in late August, which includes various maintenance work on 31 city-maintained streets. The total estimated cost is $937,698.

Work on the roads is expected to begin in late September or early October.

The city’s engineering department uses a rating system to determine which city-maintained roads are the most in need of repairs. Points are deducted from a total of 100 based on various distresses including cracking, potholes, utility cuts and drainage issues.

A section of Hillwood Drive from Langwood Drive to Woodvale Drive received the lowest rating on the list with a score of 31. No street received better than a 69 rating.

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The city’s complete paving list includes:

  • Barbara Avenue (entire street)
  • Bell Breeze Place (entire street)
  • Big Station Camp Boulevard from Station Camp Middle School to Notting Hill Drive
  • Bradford Drive from State Route 25 to Buckingham Boulevard
  • Buckingham Boulevard from Bradford Drive to the asphalt joint
  • Caitlin Court (entire street)
  • Carrel Drive (entire street)
  • Chambers Circle (entire street)
  • Coles Ferry Road from Edgewood Drive to the city limits
  • Collinwood Drive (entire street)
  • Cromwell Street (entire street)
  • Drivers Lane (entire street)
  • East Morris Drive (entire street)
  • Enlow Street (entire street)
  • Hawkins Avenue (entire street)
  • Hillcrest Drive from East Main Street to North Willowmont Avenue
  • Hillwood Drive from Langwood Drive to Woodvale Drive
  • Indian Hills Court (entire street)
  • Kenny Street (entire street)
  • Lane Avenue (entire street)
  • Langwood Drive from Coles Ferry Road to Mack Alice Drive
  • Lee Court (entire street)
  • Lorraine Drive (entire street)
  • Meadowlake Drive (entire street)
  • Small Street from the Shalom Zone to Blythe Avenue
  • South Park Circle (entire street)
  • South Westland Avenue from East Main Street to East Bledsoe Street
  • Wall Street (entire street)
  • Wayne Street (entire street)
  • West Franklin Street from Locust Street to North Water Avenue
  • West Schell Street (entire street)

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