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December 10, 2023

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Give with Nashville Diaper Connection

Learn how you can help in the "No Child Wet Behind" initiative to ensure all local babies have the diapers they need.

Aside from food, a diaper is among the greatest basic need for babies. For low-income families, providing Baby with enough diapers every day can be a real struggle with a lot of ripple effects.

Babies born into poor families can often exist in one diaper per day or longer, which leads to health risks. Without a day’s worth of diapers, babies cannot attend day care or participate in early childhood education programs. With no child care, many parents cannot go to work or school. Considering the average infant goes through 10 – 12 diapers per day, what’s a financially pressed parent to do?

Enter the Nashville Diaper Connection

Diapers fall into the same ineligible category with alcohol, cigarettes and pet food when it comes to food stamp programs. However, a local non-profit organization in Middle Tennessee has a single aim of providing diapers to low-income families.

The Nashville Diaper Connection (NDC) is a member of the National Diaper Bank Network. NDC collects money and diapers to support local families in need. It also helps groups organize diaper drives — a great giving-back opportunity for church groups, youth groups, scout groups, neighborhood centers, school community service projects and in the workplace.

NDC distributes diapers through local organizations, including Catholic Charities, Family & Children’s Services, Martha O’Bryan Center, St. Luke’s and others.

More Ways to Help

In addition to hosting a drive, there are more ways to help NDC. The organization seeks volunteers to help deliver diapers to distribution partners; wrap diapers; assist with grant writing/research; maintain and update website/social meda; and more.

To learn more about NDC and to get involved, visit


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