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July 17, 2024

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Graceful Gems Etiquette School for Girls Opens

Empowering young girls to exhibit decorum, integrity and self esteem, while instilling a sense of pride.

Graceful GEMS is set to open as Rutherford County’s first etiquette school for girls. The program will provide free services (with a small monthly supply fee) to participants in the community ranging from ages 5 – 17.

A ribbon cutting is scheduled for the grand opening on Monday, June 13 through the Chamber of Commerce of Rutherford County. The program for girls is located is at 3475 Bradyville Pike, Murfreesboro, TN 37127.

Β The program offers 26 etiquette lessons for girls. In addition, sessions will be offered in tutoring, dance classes and counseling. CEO and founder LaPraise Watkins- Swader says the aim is to bring out each individual girl’s true self.

“We want to embrace and enhance each girls’ individual personality,” Watkins-Swader says. “Our etiquette lessons are not just about setting the table properly to know which fork to use at dinner time or balancing a book on your head for correct posture,” she addds.

With social media being the main source of teen conversations, many girls crave a road map for in-person social interactions. Moreover, courses offered in etiquette classes today cover the timeless norms of table manners and handshakes. But they also run the gamut of social predicaments posed by an ever more complex world, such as appropriate smartphone use at business meetings and how to best navigate networking events.

Graceful GEMS will teach girls the following:Β 

  • Good manners
  • Self-esteem/character traits
  • Healthy friendships/relationships
  • Mental health
  • Taking Care of your Body
  • Health & Nutrition /exercise
  • Education
  • Diversity/inclusion
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Credit Score
  • Cooking, dance and choir lessons
  • Free counseling
  • Community outreach projects

For more information on Graceful GEMS, call 615-351-1363 or visit their Facebook page.



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