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April 23, 2024

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Homeschool Decision: Local Tutorials Help

What If Public School Is a Miserable Fit for Your Child? Should you Homeschool?

As the new year's public school semester gets in gear, you may be thinking, "Is this the best I can do for my child?" A good education is at the top of your list for your kids, but what if public school just isn't a good fit? What if your child is miserable at school? Should you take matters into your own hands and begin homeschooling? Many parents have pulled their kids from public school in order to homeschool them with great results. Others worry that they may not be good at teaching math, science or English. That's where homeschool tutorials come in. A tutorial is a fee-for-service class or classes offered by an individual teacher or group of teachers serving homeschoolers. Interested in exploring your options? Here's a list of local homeschool tutorials that can assist you in your efforts to homeschool if you choose to take the leap. There are others out there, so be sure to ask around and keep your ears to the ground!

Homeschool Tutorials to Support Your Homeschooling Efforts

Bethel Family Academya one or two day a week Homeschool Supplemental Program and Tutorial for kids K-6th Grades. Meets in Brentwood.

Classical Conversationsa nation-wide program that helps train and equip parents to provide their children with a Christian, classical education. Several Classical Conversation communities exist in Williamson County.

Foundations Christian AcademyFCA is an interdenominational tutorial for grades K-8 that meets at Strong Tower Bible Church, 5253 Granny White Pike in Nashville.

Heritage Home School GroupTutorial with customizable class schedule. Meets in Thompson's Station.

Shanan Co-op Christian homeschool co-op and support group. Meets in Franklin.

Cool Springs MontessoriHomeschool Enrichment Program. Ages 5-12, two days per week, drop-off program in Franklin.

The Comenius School Tutorialan Umbrella arm of the Franklin Classical School, provides one-day-a-week tutorial on Mondays.

Franklin Christian AcademyOffers an umbrella program for homeschooling families.

Ironwood Academya tutorial program that meets twice a week providing core academic courses for kids in grades 4 – 12. Meets at the Advent Church of the Episcopal at 5501 Franklin Pike.

New Song Christian AcademyHome school tutorial classes for preschool through middle school taught from a Christian worldview. A ministry of New Song Christian Fellowship, located at 316 Southgate Court in Brentwood.

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