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Kids are out of school through the end of April and parents are grappling with keeping the learning going. One thing is true: a schedule helps, especially for kids who think they're just on one, prolonged snow day. And resources. Aside from the packets and online resources schools are providing for kids, moms and dads have to step up to the plate to keep the learning happening for real.
    Sites like Murfreesborohomeschoolers.com can help. Mufreesboro Homeschooles (MHS) provides tutorials, cooperative classes, educational activities and more for preschoolers through high school-aged kids.

To help get you started at home, here are 9 tips for beginning homeschoolers:

1) You don't need to duplicate a class environment. There's nothing sacred about set amounts of time per subject or even using textbooks. 

2) The strawman argument that homeschool kids don't know how to be socialized is exactly that: a strawman. Your kidsl learn best how to treat others and how to respect themselves by modeling your words and behaviors.

3) Remember, you are a facilitator to your child's learning. Life is learning. When your child has a question, respond to it wholely as a mini-lesson. There's no need to lecture.

4) Use technology but don't become dependent on it.

5) If something that you are trying to teach isn't working, move on.

6) There's no need to do every subject everyday.

7) Reading and math hold the keys to everything else your kids will learn. Do everything in your power to develop strong readers.

8) This is YOUR school. If you want to spend an entire day playing math games or going on a nature walk, do it.

9) The world is your classroom — use it! Read through the list of skills that kids should know and build them into your learning time. Here's 32 basic survivial skills for kids to help get you started.