First of all, get over it. You're not going to the beach or some place else you've been dreaming of. Instead, plan on making the most of your family's Staycation here in Nashville. There's lots to do here, so let's get crackin' with a can-do attitude!

1) EATS. Break down your strict nutrition rules a bit at home and splurge on some "vacay" treats like your kids' favorite cereals. Those mini cereal boxes don't yield so much cereal but they shout FUN to kids. Purchase a few snacks you wouldn't normally buy, and dare we say it? Soda! Kids love soda, so make like you do during the holidays and let'em have it. 2) INDOOR PLAY. Within your safety parameters, let the kids play indoors in ways you haven't let them before. Put a mattress on the floor in the bonus room and let them jump. Spring for a knee hockey set and let'em go. Indoor bowling, fort building, restaurant playing & hide and seek are all on the table this week! Need more ideas? Check out our 100 Activities for Kids! 3) OUTDOOR PLAY. You know those bikes just sitting there in the garage? Fix'em up, you're going for a ride! And another one. And another one. In fact, get used to it. You are going to ride bikes around your neighborhood for once. You're also going to play outdoor games in the early evening like "Mother, May I?", "Red Light, Green Light," "German Spotlight" and "Freeze Tag." And you're going to watch your kids without your cell phone in your hand! 4) GAME NIGHT EVERY NIGHT. During Staycation it's not, "Oh, let's play a game tonight, kids," it's "Every night is game night!" So get your games ready. And you're not just going to give them a game to play then sit in the background on your phone. You're playing too! Suggestions for really fun games as a group: Apples to Apples; Pie Face; Ticket to Ride; Life; Operation; Clue; Quirkle ... you get the idea. And get the snacks out while you're playing. Pop the popcorn, set out the M&Ms! 5) THEMED MOVIE NIGHT and THE KIDS PICK IT After the family game, take a little breather (yes, go ahead, check your phone), then get ready to get cozy together for a movie. Most important? Let the kids decide which one from the ones you suggest. Theme your night out! Monday might be a Disney night. Tuesday might be a scary movie. Wednesday might be a classic old gem ... You get the idea. Get the pillows out, cozy blankets, snuggle in and make it nice! 6) STAY UP LATE Again, break down your stodgy old rules during your Staycation and let the kids stay up till they drop. Let your routine find some wiggle room with your nightly this, that and the other thing and the kids will be delighted. 7) GO OUT ON THE TOWN At least one, possibly two nights this week, you need to take the family out for miniature golf and ice cream or trampoline jumping and ice cream or something else and ice cream! See ... always top it off with ice cream! 8) INTERNATIONAL DINNERS You're not in Cancun but you can make a Mexican dinner! You're not in Italy but you can have pasta night ... Think outside your box this week with fun ideas so easily found online at different food blogs and recipe sites. 9) GO TO THE DRIVE-IN MOVIES It's time and you know you want to. Everybody will enjoy this fun family outing — check out the list of drive-ins and make a plan!  We have three drive-in movie theaters in the Middle Tennessee area: Stardust Drive-In (open now!) Watertown; Moonlite Drive-In in Woodbury (opens March 25) and Pink Cadillac Drive-In (open now!) Centerville. 10) FISH! FREE fishing day is March 26! Learn everything you need right here. You live in Middle Tennessee. There's absolutely NO reason NOT to learn how to fish. It's practically sacriligious not to fish in these here parts! Make a day or weekend of it and take the kids to a local lake, pond or river.