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June 18, 2024

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Ice Cream Rolls at T-OP

Rolled ice cream? It's a new way to eat your favorite frozen treat and the kids are sure to love it!

It’s September and it is still HOT outside! After a long day at the park or whatever with the kids, stop by Murfreesboro’s newest sweet shop for a cool treat. T-OP Cold Grill Ice Cream & Tea boasts rolled ice cream, a Thai frozen dessert. It’s made by pouring a base of sweet milk on an extremely cold steel surface and then rolling it. It’s actually pretty neat to watch, too. The steel surface is so cold, the cream freezes quickly and they scrape it off into rolls. The rolls are then put into a cup and topped with yummy toppings. There’s also a non-dairy option available, too!

More Than Just Ice Cream!

If you’re not in the mood for a rolled frozen treat, Top Cold also has teas, shakes and more. In addition, you can adjust the sugar levels on all of their teas. Choose no sugar, 30 percent sugar, 50 percent sugar, 70 percent sugar or even extra sugar. 

T-OP is located at 2855 Medical Center Pkwy. Call 615-295-2538 or visit

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