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Inchstones! The New Trend for Celebrating Baby’s Development

All babies are unique and that's why their development — inch by inch — is cause for excitement.

The teeny-tiny baby triumphs in any given day are worth celebrating when you’re a new parent. Afterall, what’s a new tooth without a little party to commemorate it?  When you have a new infant, your days will be full of firsts — whether you notice them or not. Typically these are things like Baby holding their head up for the first time, that first little smile (that isn’t gas!) and that first little giggle. The trend known as “Inchstones” is all about tuning-in and noticing those teeny-weeny accomplishments that are so substantial to Baby’s larger developmental milestones.

Inchstones! The New Trend for Celebrating Baby’s Development

InchstonesDon’t Compare Your Baby

Inchstones is all about looking at your child’s individual capabilities and goals and enjoying their unique wins. This idea once was the domain of special needs parenting, but now it’s about the smaller moments in every child’s life, regardless of their developmental path. Celebrating your baby’s one-of-a-kind development can help you move past the troubling tendency to compare your baby with others.
    “Often parents forget so many of the incredibly wonderful things their children do, and they get lost so easily in the chaos of life and new parenting,” says Carli Stedham, a life coach for new parents. “Parents may think, ‘Oh, I must remember that,’ or ‘I will tell them that when they are older,’ but it slips through their fingers as other things come along. Inchstones are a way of remembering the small things,” she adds.
     Take lots of photos, jot down short passages and save them in a book to share with your child down the road. Practicing this mindfulness will be fulfilling for you. Plus, current research shows that little ones thrive when they receive support and encouragement. Inchstone parenting, in line with research, is more enjoyable for parents and children alike.
    Inchstones may include rolling a ball, knocking over a tower of blocks, or even standing alone for a few seconds. The trick is to NOT overdo the enthusiasm, but to simply acknowledge the development with positivity, knowing that every child’s Inchstones are different!

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