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May 24, 2024

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Baby+Co. Community Outreach Manager Annie Reader (pictured above, center) talks to new mothers about the importance of finding their Mom Tribe community.

If there are two things that I could pass onto all moms-to-be, it would be:

1) Baby wipes and burp cloths are almost always the answer, and

2) If you don’t know the answer (which for me, was more often than not), your tribe will. Find your tribe.

As a mom of three, I cannot underline “find your tribe” enough. I didn’t appreciate the value of a tribe until I was three months postpartum with my first, and I looked up and found the dynamic of my child-less friend group shifting. Not because we weren’t friends anymore, but some of them were on different paths and could no longer relate to what were now my priorities, my family.  

I was finding myself craving other friends who were sharing the same experiences (and struggles) I was as a first-time mom. And what made it even more challenging, I wasn’t from the area (like most of us in Nashville), and I didn’t know where to look to build my circle of fellow moms. Eventually I found my way, through various outings, play dates and visits to the park, but it would have been nice to have one place to turn to.

It was that experience that lead me to Baby+Co. It is also the reason why I love what I do, because I am responsible for cultivating a community of parents (or as we call it, the Baby+Co. Tribe).  At Baby+Co., I am proud to say we believe in embracing your birth journey, not just with our staff and team of midwives, but also with the support of community and fellow parents.

We understand what it’s like to feel somewhat lost and the need to connect with others as you navigate the blurry newborn nights, the inexplicable fussy teething days and the beautiful mess that is motherhood. That’s why we created a series of classes, support groups and events that are all geared towards education and connection – so you never need to feel like you are on your own.

Our midwives, educators and health coaches recognize that having a baby isn’t just a clinical event, it’s a life event, and they work alongside you to become the parent you want to be.  So whether its questions on lactation, how to get your body and mind back in shape after you have a baby, managing the competing sleep schedules of a newborn and a 3-year-old, or getting the inside scoop on the best mommy hangouts, we cover it all.   

But most important of all, we make sure you have a tribe. So whether you are still pregnant, just finding out or already given birth, come in. Stop by.

Take a free tour + meet me. Join the Baby+Co. Tribe. Just ask for Annie.  


Check out Baby+Company’s New Moms Group starting Tuesday, Nov. 14.


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