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January 28, 2022

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Normalizing Breastfeeding with Lactaction Pods

Nursing mothers can breastfeed, pump and regroup in two popular Nashville sporting locations. But, is it enough to help normalize breastfeeding?

Everyone is about pro-breastfeeing. Moms everywhere want to be able to breastfeed in public without the pressure to cover up or hide somewhere. The laws even changed. A mother has the right to breastfeed in public (read the law here). Employers, by law, must also provide unpaid break times to breastfeed or pump. They must also make a reasonable effort to provide a room or other location.

So, that's why these lactation pods and rooms are popping up all over. At work, at venues and more. 

Lactation Pods

According to Mamava, there are two lactaction pods in the Nashville area at sporting venues — Tennessee Titans and Nashville Sounds. These pods provide privacy, cleanliness, and all you need to pump or nurse an infant . Mamava states that you can find the one at Nissan Stadium (1 Titans Way, Nashville) within the Club, near the escalators. Find the second one at First Tennessee Park (19 Junior Gilliam Way, Nashville) on the Concourse, next to the Pro Shop.

And, we may see more. The Nashville Public Investment Plans (PIP) site states, "Along with increasing comfort for breastfeeding mothers at sporting events, we hope the presence of the Mamava units will normalize breastfeeding." Before this program, the PIP states that there were no Mamavas in Tennessee or in the Metro area. "If usage is strong, the Metro Health Department may consider expanding the availability of units to the airport, convention center, and beyond."

Lactation Rooms

There are no pods, but there's a lactation room at the Nashville International Airport (BNA). According to the site, it's located behind Noshville at the A/B Food Court. It offers nursing mothers a clean, private room with a comfy chair, electrical outlets, sink, paper towels, hand dryer and changing stations. However, this is only one location. We put a call in to BNA to learn if they will expand their efforts in supporting breastfeeding mothers in their construction process. We will update this with their information should they provide it.

With these single locations popping up, are they enough? Is there a need for more?

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