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April 21, 2024

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Maximize Space in Your Child’s Room

Little kids love toys, but they need a home. These tips will help your child keep his bedroom organized and clutter-free for longer playtime!

Oh, the clutter — in your child’s room, that is. You open the door and can't see the floor. Kids are prone to leaving their toys, and books strewn all over the place. Providing appropriate storage spaces for your child's playthings not only helps to maintain a nicer environment, but it also helps your little one to master putting toys away once he's done playing with them.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Install Wall Shelves

In addition to posters and photos on your child's walls, shelves are great for small-toy collections, stuffed animals, books and other items. Beaneath the shelves, place baskets so your child can easily store his favorite toys. Labeling baskets can help him with organization. Don't forget to provide a step stool for your child so he can easily reach his things.

Pullout Storage Under the Bed

You know those big, flat plastic containers you can get for wrapping paper or other miscellaneous storage? They're great for under-the-bed storage in your child’s room. Using these, you don't have to worry about your child reaching up for things; toys become easy to access, and your child may be more apt to toss them back when playtime is over.

Book Shelf

If your child’s room doesn’t already have one, make room for it. Bookshelves are perfect for maintaining your child's book collection and keeping them in good shape. Make it a goal to keep adding books until the bookshelf is full.

Add Another Shelf in the Closet

Your child may not be able to reach his clothing if it's on a rod set for adult heights. By lowering the rod, you can make it easy for him to reach his clothes and you'll have extra space above it where you can add another shelf. Store board games, puzzles and other boxed items here. 

Cool Toy Chests

These make a great storage solution — and kids can just toss items into it. Explore your options online and be sure to read the reviews — you want to make sure that a toy chest lid is secure and tense enough that it won't shut fast on your child's little fingers.

If you have enough options in your child's room for him to be able to store his toys, you're less likely to find them on the floor. Involve your child in his room's decision making, because it's his room after all. He'll be more prone to keeping everything in order if he's been a part of the process!

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