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MOM REPORT: Disney Animation Immersive Experience

Littles will want to jump up to enjoy the bubbles and sparkles at this walk-through digital art experience!

If a dream is a wish your heart makes, then the Disney Animation Immersive Experience is a dream imagined with a trillion pixels and a larger-than-life montage of the best parts and songs of Disney. 

There is much to see including a gigantic blow-up Mickey Mouse (that my toddler referenced hours after seeing it), a gift shop and a museum-like area showing how Disney films are made. In addition, there are tables where older kids can give illustrating Disney-style a try — especially those interested in graphic design. It gives a small peek into what it takes to make iconic Disney characters come to life.

The best part, through the eyes of my 2 year old, are the light-up wristbands (an add-on) that are functional as a flashlight and fun as a personal strobe light that illuminates to match projected scenes. In addition, a few times during the experience the ceiling opens to bring forth a cascade of bubbles. This got the smallest of patrons laughing with glee and jumping up to pop and catch the shiny treasures.

The show may be best suited for elementary-aged children and older ones as some of the younger kids will have trouble sitting still. However, if you decide to take the whole family and have Littles, encourage them to move and dance during the show. I was delighted when my daughter got up for the bubbles or to grab at sparkly lights. 

Little ones should become part of the music around them, reacting to fluttery butterflies, sizable snakes and favorite characters they recognize. Others watching quietly from one spot seemed unbothered by younger viewers who couldn’t sit still.

Good to know about Disney Animation Immersive Experience:

  • There is plenty of free parking in the garage behind the venue
  • You can keep your light-up wristband or leave it to be recycled
  • Beware overpriced concessions

Running through May 14, entry times vary and tickets start at $39.99. For tickets and more information, go to lighthouseimmersive.com/nashville.

Rebecca Bright is a teacher, mom and one of Nashville Parent’s Mom Reporters.