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June 22, 2024

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Christmas Checklist

Mom’s Christmas Checklist Sanity Saver

The holidays are coming in hot! But you've got this. Find the perfect Christmas cards and retain your sanity for the coming season!

Come on, give in already! Planning IS the key to a merry holiday season for YOU, so use our Christmas Checklist to make it all happen, then sit back and enjoy!

Christmas Checklist!

SAT., NOV. 5 – SAT., NOV. 26


❏  Purchase and order the Christmas Card you want.


❏  Get your Christmas stamps

❏  Start your master gifts checklist, remembering family far and wide

❏  Buy an Advent Calendar for the kids

❏  Make any holiday reservations you need

❏  Book online food delivery slots

❏  Assess your Christmas decorations and plan the day for decorating

❏  Order those new Christmas stockings you want

❏  Shop Black Friday (Nov. 25, 2022) for Christmas gifts

❏  Stock up on wrapping paper, tags, tape, ribbons, bows

❏  Begin wrapping gifts as you buy them

❏  Store your gifts in piles for each family member so you can see what you have


THU., DEC. 1 – SAT., DEC. 10


❏  Hang your Advent Calendar and start using it

❏  Wrap and mail gifts that need sending — at least have them sent by Dec. 10!

❏  Write and send Christmas cards

❏  Decorate for Christmas & hang your front door wreath

❏  Put up your Christmas tree with the family! Don’t forget the egg nog!

❏  Play Christmas music when preparing meals

❏  Keep wrapping gifts

❏  Plan holiday snacks, meals and Christmas Eve & dinner menus. Adjust if you are having family come to stay

❏  Order your holiday turkey or ham if you’re doing it that way

❏  If family is coming to stay, decide where everyone is going to be sleeping

❏  Purchase batteries, make sure you have wood for the fireplace, extra candles for dinners, nice napkins, table cloths, glasses, serving dishes, plates, etc.

❏  Bake Christmas cookies


SUN., DEC. 11 – SAT., DEC. 17


❏  Keep working on tasks from the prior week

❏  Finish buying gifts and shop for stocking stuffers

❏  Review grocery list; think, ‘appetizers, desserts, holiday goodies and beverages’

❏  Think, ‘breakfasts / lunches / dinners AND treats’

❏  Bake for the holidays

❏  Plan a Christmas table centerpiece

❏  Shop for non-perishables


MON., DEC. 19


❏  Deep clean the house, clean out the fridge & make room

❏  Shop for perishables

❏  Assess family clothes and pajamas for Christmas Eve services & morning


TUE., DEC. 20


❏  Double and triple check gifts & stocking stuffers

❏  Start cooking and freezing

❏  Double check supplies in your pantry, extra fridge

❏  Wrap gifts

❏  Assess everyone’s schedule and plan out details in your mind


WED., DEC. 21


❏  Review your lists

❏  Start cooking and freezing


THU., DEC. 22


❏  Relax! Take time for yourself! No worries you’re here with two days to spare before Christmas Eve!!!



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