Murfreesboro City Schools has announced the 2020 Teachers of the Year Award. Twenty-six teacher were chosen by peers for the honor based on the teachers' commitment to teaching excellence in and outside of the classroom. 

The teachers of the year are:

Discovery School - Teresa McCarthy, Kelley Kleppinger

John Pittard Elementary - Deborah Collier, Molly Oliver

Cason Lane Academy- Shay Wilson, Latasha McFarland

Salem Elementary - Kinsey Johnson, Cynthia Martin

Overall Creek Elementary - Sara Brown, Christy Honey

Scales Elementary- Kimberly Hix, Isormari Pozo

Bradley Academy - Abbey Sanders, Regan Clark

Erma Siegel Elementary - Brandy Cheatham, Margaret Lane

Reeves-Rogers Elementary -Renee Maurtua, Danielle Johnson

Black Fox Elementary - Kim Gambill, Meredith Patrum

Northfield Elementary - Judy Gritton, Rachel Bjork

Hobgood Elementary - Terri Guess, Corynn York

Mitchell-Neilson School - Heather Konyar Curry, Beverly Sanford

The Tennessee Teacher of the Year program is designed to promote recognition, respect and appreciation for teachers, to stimulate interest in teaching as a career, and to encourage public involvement in education.