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Nashville Children’s Theatre 2024-25 Season

The lineup includes four original, world-premiere productions as well as “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Musical.”

Nashville Children’s Theatre (NCT) announces its 2024–25 season, featuring six shows, including four original world-premiere productions for guests of all ages. 

This upcoming season embraces the theme of “Playing My Part With Heart,” and seeks to ignite creativity and empathy in young audiences.  

Nashville Children’s Theatre’s 2024–25 season includes the following productions: 

  • The Best Worst School Year Ever (Sept. 7–29) – World Premiere 
  • The Wheels on the Bus (Oct. 5–Dec. 1) – World Premiere  
  • Pippi Longstocking (Nov. 2–Dec. 15)
  • Elijah Rock! A Jubilee Battle (Feb. 1–March 2) – World Premiere
  • Dino Time! (March 1–May 18) – World Premiere   
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Musical (April 5–May 18)

Two of the season’s productions – The Wheels on the Bus and Dino Time! – are part of NCT’s Snuggery program, which offers immersive and interactive programming for young children from birth to age 5.  

“We take great pride in the diverse range of productions featured in this year’s lineup and extend a warm invitation to audiences of all ages to come and experience them,” said Ernie Nolan, NCT’s executive artistic director. “Our commitment to providing our community with inclusive programming is paramount. We want every member of the family, from parents to the youngest and oldest children, to find something to enjoy.” 

All main stage performances at NCT are sensory-friendly. A Sensory Room at the back of the auditorium provides patrons of all ages tools to regulate their minds and bodies, while providing the opportunity to see and hear the performance. NCT also offers neuro-inclusive performances throughout the season designed to accommodate those with disabilities or sensory sensitivities. A lineup of these performances can be found on NCT’s website 

Memberships for NCT can be purchased now at nashvillechildrenstheatre.org. Single tickets for shows go on sale July 1. 

Nashville Children’s Theatre 2024–25 season

The Best Worst School Year Ever_1080x1080-1.jpg

The Best Worst School Year Ever – World Premiere
In Hill Auditorium from Sept. 7–29, 2024 

Based on the book by Barbara Robinson
Adapted by Jahnna Beecham and Malcolm Hillgartner 

Buckle up – The Herdmans are back!  The second in a series of stories featuring characters from “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” Beth and Charlie Bradley fear starting another school year with their notorious classmates Imogene, Leroy and Gladys Herdman. When Miss Kemp assigns the students at Woodrow Wilson Elementary to think of compliments for their classmates and Beth picks Imogene’s name, an unforgettably hilarious school year commences complete with a tattooed baby, a mysterious teachers’ lounge and a compassionate discovery that might prove there’s something good about this crazy clan after all. 

The Wheels on the Bus_1080x1080-2.jpg

The Wheels on the Bus – World Premiere 
In the NCT Snuggery from Oct. 5–Dec. 1, 2024  

Based on the traditional song, production written by Ernie Nolan 

Get ready to go “up and down” on a remarkable ride! All aboard, trainees! Bert the Bus Driver is ready to take you all through a town full of colorful characters and comic conundrums in this interactive, immersive play for ages 0 to 5 years old. Get ready to help navigate his route and sing along, of course, as the wipers swish, the horn beeps and passengers move on back.  

Pippi Longstocking_1080x1080-3.jpg

Pippi Longstocking
In Hill Auditorium from Nov. 2–29, 2024 

Music and Lyrics by Sebastian
Adapted for the stage by Sebastian and Steffan Gotestam
Based on the novel by Astrid Lindgreen 

On the NCT stage for the first time in 93 years! No school, no parents, no bedtime or rules. Newcomer Pippi’s on her own to live as she pleases at Villekulla Cottage. Befriending Tommy and Annika, brother and sister neighbors, the everyday becomes amazing as the trio visits the circus, spends the day at school and even attends a remarkable tea party. Will Pippi be forced to conform to the rules, or can she buck the system while waiting for her pirate king father to return? Find out as this timeless classic by one of the world’s most translated authors explodes from the page to the NCT stage.   

Elijah Rock! A Jubilee Battle_1080x1080-4 (1).jpg

Elijah Rock! A Jubilee Battle – World Premiere 
Feb. 1–March 2, 2025 

Created by Gloria Bond Clunie  

When middle school history champion Elijah Rock wants to compete again with a spiced-up version of past events, he suddenly has to do battle with everybody – including a mysterious band of spirits who call themselves the Fisk Jubilee Singers. Will he win the competition this year – or even survive to compete? Music, rap, rhyme and the mysteries of time will determine triumph or defeat.  

Dino Time!_1080x1080-5.jpg

Dino Time!– World Premiere 
In the NCT Snuggery from March 1–May 18, 2025 

Created by Ernie Nolan 

You’re invited to a dinosaur dance party! Dino and Dina Dinosaur are ready to celebrate – their egg is about to hatch! But before their delightful, dainty dinosaur hatches, there’s a lot to do. Help prehistoric parents prepare and welcome their new little one in this interactive, immersive play for ages 0 to 5 years old. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Musical_1080x1080-6.jpg

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Musical
April 5–May 18, 2025 

Book by Kevin Del Aguila
Music and Lyrics Michael Mahler and Alan Shmuckler
Based on the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book series by Jeff Kinney and the 20th Century Fox Films  

Jeff Kinney’s popular character takes center stage in this hilarious and heartfelt musical. Middle school, ugh. It’s the worst. But Greg is determined not to be at the bottom of the popularity chart. He’ll leave that to his weird neighbor, Fregley. Or maybe Greg’s best friend, Rowley Jefferson. But it’s not going to be Greg … no way. Will Greg’s plans to become popular lead him to sacrifice his one true friend? Can anyone avoid the dreaded Cheese Touch? Grab a hall pass and don’t be late for an adventure familiar to anyone who actually survived middle school. 




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