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June 23, 2024

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Nashville Shores: The Worry-Free Paradise

Make a splash at Nashville's premier water park where safety is a top priority. BY RYAN TILLMAN for "Summer in the City"

Hundreds of kids running around and having fun without the parent stress? It seems outlandish. Nashville Shores makes this seemingly impossible dream a reality. This water park is a must-do for all ages this summer.


The park boasts several water attractions, and no one’s too old for the thrill of a water slide! At ages 21, Noah and I were overcome with laughter while maneuvering every curve, dip and wrinkle the towers of fun threw at us. Nashville Shores features many enormous slides fit for any size, big or small (at least 48’’).

The Music City Racer enables your kids to compete against one another down five stories of a mat slip ‘n’ slide, soaring into a watery finish line.

The Big Scream provides the ultimate thrill. The succinctly named slide is perfect for enabling lots of screaming. The three-story plummet down down the banana-shaped ramp is as close to a real free-fall feeling as you can get. Enjoy the fun, harmless terror right along with your kids. There are tubes fit for two at this slide.

New this season, Barefootin’ Bay provides a quaint playground area for toddlers and younger children. Situated adjacent to the Bay is one of the park’s largest shaded seating areas, where you can relax or read while keeping a close eye on your kids.   

While the water hoses and slides of Barefootin’ Bay do not compare to the more glamorous and colossal Kawabunga Beach, the Bay also gives parents the option to play with their kids in the calm wading pool just off to the side.

Overall, there are 13 water attractions at Nashville Shores, from the various slides to the popular Breaker Bay Wave Pool, featuring five different wave patterns. Other popular spots include the Castaway Creek Lazy River and the Giant Bucket.


The most striking observation we made on our visit to Nashville Shores is the unhindered discipline every lifeguard possesses.

These are not your average summer neighborhood pool lords who lackadaisically twirl a whistle around their finger atop a throne-like chair. These guards are active and engaged. Their excellent work gives a sense of security for parents to be at ease during their visit. 

Those on the ground relentlessly scan each area of their section and coach every child who needs assistance. Atop the massive water structures, a guard manages the coming and going of every eager thrill-seeker while delivering instructions to ensure a safe journey down.

If you want your kids to have a memorable experience this summer without the stress, be sure to check out Nashville Shores.


Nashville Shores
4001 Bell Road
Hermitage, TN 37076
615-889-7050 |

Hours vary daily through Sept. 17

Admission: $36.99 + tax those 52 inches and taller, $28.99 + tax those 51 inches and shorter, free for ages 2 and younger. Admission after 4 p.m. is $19.99. Parking is $9




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