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July 21, 2024

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Nashville Zoo Animals Model Good Hygiene for Children’s Dental Health Month

Who knew dental hygiene could be so cute?

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, and through a fun partnership with the Nashville Zoo and Delta Dental, several animals are modeling good dental hygiene in their own unique ways to encourage kids to take care of their own teeth.

For example, did you know kangaroos are susceptible to teeth problems? They eat mostly vegetation, which can easily get stuck in their teeth. So, Ube the kangaroo – aka the Zoo’s “resident snack monster” – also eats crunchy foods like sweet potatoes to help keep his teeth clean and clear.

Another Zoo resident, Jake Quyllenhall the porcupine, faces an entirely different challenge when it comes to his teeth  they're constantly growing! On the other end of the spectrum, flamingos have no teeth at all.

Check out these fun videos below for more information; and make sure you're keeping up with your kiddo's dental hygeine during the pandemic.


Meet Ube, the Kangaroo


Meet Jake Quyllenhall, the Porcupine




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