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April 23, 2024

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Baby Giraffe Cam: Watch Live Feed of Pregnant Nashville Zoo Giraffe Nasha

Nasha is going to be a mom, and it could happen any day now!

Nasha, Nashville Zoo's 6-year-old Masai giraffe, is pregnant with her first calf!

"Zookeepers have noticed that Nasha's body is preparing for delivery and that she is producing milk, which typically indicates for a first-time mom that birth will be soon," the Zoo announced Jan. 8.

According to Nashville Zoo, her labor will be noticeable and could take a few hours. Here's what to look for: increased movement & urination, she may stop eating, tail sticking straight out, and looking uncomfortable overall.

"During the day, Nasha generally can move around the barn and at night she stays in the birthing stall (the one with a thick layer of sand + shavings)," the Zoo announced Jan. 10 via Facebook. "If our keepers see that she is in labor during the day, they'll also move her into the birthing stall."

Once Nasha is in labor, she'll be moved into the stall with a thick layer of sand and wood shavings and we will do our best to get the camera adjusted accordingly. Don't worry about missing it! 

Watch three different angles of livestreamed video inside the Giraffe Barn at Nashville Zoo here.

Nashville Zoo's Current Giraffe Herd

  • Congo – male, age 16, ~17 feet; spots are largest, darkest in color
  • Nasha – female, age 6, ~15 feet; spots are most spaced out
  • Tazama – female, age 3, ~14 feet; defined, darker spots


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