Find the support and services you need for your child with autism through a new therapy service in Franklin. Foundations for Growing features two large motor rooms, a large sensory gym and four additional “teaching rooms” used for individualized instruction. The center focuses on the individual needs of people with autism and other disabilities using a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach. It offers applied behavior analysis (ABA), occupational, feeding and speech language therapies to all ages.

“My own experiences as a mother of a child with autism inspired me to build a collaborative center where a child can access all the programming with the highest quality therapists,” says Heather Majtyka, clinical director and owner of Foundations for Growing. “Foundations for Growing brings a unique approach to supporting our very special children and their families, and we could not be more excited to be a part of this very special town. Children come here to swing, play, explore and create — often having so much fun it doesn’t even feel like work.”

Foundations for Growing offers in-home services and appointments for families in Williamson and Davidson counties as well as surrounding areas. Foundations for Growing is located at 3351 Aspen Grove Drive, #350, Franklin. For more info, visit