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December 08, 2023

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New for #WINSday Giveaways!

A whole new way to WIN!

Psst… We’re changing up the way you play our popular #WINSday contest on Facebook every Wednesday. The new way is in place starting this week, so play close attention to what you need to know!


For the past few years, the correct #WINSday answer has changed monthly, and we’ve given you the answer in our print magazine.

The answer now changes WEEKLY, and you will no longer get the answer in print. Instead, you’ll find it in our weekly e-newsletter, which comes out every Thursday.

Starting Thursday, April 5, newsletter subscribers will get the correct answer to the following Wednesday’s #WINSday question. So, on Thursday, April 5, newsletter recipient’s will receive the answer to the Wednesday, April 11 contest … The Thursday, April 12 newsletter will contain the answer to the Wednesday, April 18 contest, so forth. Got that?


Subscribing to our weekly e-newsletter is a snap! Simply go to and fill out the form. It’s the ONLY WAY to get the #WINSday answer.

In addition to finding the following week’s #WINSday answer, you’ll also get the top weekend event for family fun by county, a top secret recipe from an area restaurant and other specialized content for your family.

Next Wednesday, April 11, we’ll be giving away four tickets to Nashville Zoo, so if you’re not already an e-newsletter subscriber, sign up today!


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