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July 16, 2024

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New Franklin STEAM-focused Preschool to Offer Robotics Class

At capacity, the 10,200 square-foot-building will serve 120 children ages 30 months to six years old.

The new STEAM-focused preschool TOBschool (Think Outside the Box) that broke ground in Franklin this time last year will offer a robotics class for ages 4-8.

The spring and summer sessions will begin in January 2022, you can select to take the class on Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday depending on the location you choose.

During this class, students will be offered robotics, game design, and Minecraft. Each class begins by asking the student a question and they discuss the possible solutions then students will perform a hands-on project to solve the problem.

The preschool is located at 4407 South Carothers Road, Franklin. Flexible open classrooms will allow staff to change their workspace and seating depending on the needs of their lessons and students. The playground will provide a diversity of opportunities. There will be age-appropriate structures for children to have fun. The play area will have a raised garden, a soccer field and bicycle paths. TOBschool facilities include a large indoor multipurpose room for events, exhibitions and students’ activities when the weather is unfavorable for outside playtime.

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