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April 24, 2024

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New Rules at Disney

Changes are now in place at both Disney World and Disneyland, and they come with mixed reactions.

Planning a Disney trip with tots in tow? Be sure to double check the size of your stroller, because the "happiest place on earth" has new rules and regulations in place as of May 1, 2019.


• Strollers may not be larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long.

• Wagons are not allowed in the parks.

• Smoking areas no longer exist in the theme parks, the Esplanade or the Downtown Disney District. Vaping is also prohibited.

• Loose and dry ice are not permiited in the parks. Disney suggests reusable ice packs.


The cleaner air for all guests sure is nice (in our opinion), but what's behind the new stroller size policy? According to Disney's website, "the reduction of stroller sizes is intended to ease guest flow and reduce congestion, making the park experience more enjoyable for everyone who visits. Many strollers, including many double jogging strollers, still fit within these guidelines."

The news, of course, garners mixed reactions; some people love it while others are upset. A lot of folks have taken to Twitter to voice there opinions. Here are a few:

"Disney going smoke free and banning stroller wagons is just proving that 2019 really is that b–ch." @KaseyLeighDrew

"I'm aware of the size you're allowing which is why I am so upset. I have an average city mini side by side double stroller that we bought last year for Disney trips that we come all the way from Jersey for. You guys are making parents lives harder by making these unnecessary rules." @Pwincess_Britt

"I hope this is legit. Those wide strollers are annoying." @jenroo72

"Disney banned the Keenz wagon stroller I've been dreaming of, so my day is ruined." @Bootsmaaa

"Disney doing away with the smoking spaces in the parks is great and all but I'm even more excited to see NO MORE DOUBLE WIDE STROLLERS … thank you to The Mouse." @Katrexa

And, some people have a great sense of humor about it:

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