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April 24, 2024

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New Socially Distant Live Entertainment Experience Coming To Nashville

Is it a drive-thru? An art installation? A concert? Well, kind of all three…

At a time when the idea of going to a live performance seems like a thing of the past, an entirely new concept in entertainment is coming to challenge the way we consume and enjoy live event experiences. Introducing EAMOTION, "an immersive sensory experience that physically guides the audience through a fixed course of highly visual, interactive video installations — think 50-foot tall pyramids constructed from 2,000+ video panels and 400-foot wide projection mapped surfaces," according to their website.

Audience members drive (and in some cases walk) in timed intervals, through custom-built outdoor venues, making EAMOTION a contact-free and pandemic-proof experience for the entire family. EAMOTION will debut in Nashville September 18-22, 2020, at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. Ticket prices range from $35-$65 per vehicle


As vehicles drive through the experience, which runs about 40 minutes, they encounter a series of installations, each one offering its own theatrical impact. What makes EAMOTION even more dynamic and high-tech, however, is that all the installations are synchronized. This means that over 8,000 lighting, video, and special effects elements along the two mile course are perfectly in sync with each other and the music, culminating in an unprecedented audiovisual experience. 

“The pandemic has forced us to get creative, from a production and entertainment standpoint as well as how we address the safety concerns that come with an event of this scale,” says EAMOTION CEO Erik Anderson.

“Coronavirus shutdowns have exposed a vulnerability in our industry, but also opened a void into which something new can be conceived,” Anderson continues. “Right now, there are an unprecedented number of creative and technical people with no outlet for their skills, not to mention the sheer amount of gear and technology available at our fingertips. We wanted to create an opportunity to bring the entire industry—creatives, technicians, vendors, promoters, agents, etc.—back to work.”

Safety Protocols

EAMOTION team has created new protocols to ensure the safety of both ticket holders and crew. In addition to no-contact ticket scanning and timed entry ticketing, audience members are prohibited from leaving their vehicles once they begin the course.

On the production side, the staff will be divided into pods of 5 people. If one member of the pod is sick, the entire pod will be quarantined. Alternate pods will be paid to be on hold, ready to step in if necessary. 

For more information on EAMOTION, please contact Pam Manela of Proper PR at 646-763-1267,; or Rose Mary Gorman at 615-944-8954,

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