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April 12, 2024

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On The Go with Baby in Tow

Check out this roundup of handy products that makes going out and about with Baby a breeze!

Mamapod Baby Carrier | $139

You can comfortably wear your baby (ages 4 – 36 months or 12 – 44 pounds) in this new baby carrier. It comes with a seat to support Baby, a breathable mesh hood and back that unsnaps to reveal the same breathable material to keep him cool. You can also order your carrier with or without the support pole, which helps take Baby’s weight off your shoulders and back while standing in one spot for a while. Available in metallic blue or natural gray.

Nursie Breastfeeding Pillow | $29.99

Slide this cozy pillow onto your arm to get the support you need while breastfeeding your baby. It helps keep Baby at the right position longer and takes the strain out of holding him up for long periods. Anyone can use it, too, even if you’re bottle feeding Baby.

Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump | $169.99

Connect this smart pump to the Lansing Baby App and track the date, time and duration of your pumping sessions. There are three pumping styles to match Baby’s feeding patterns. The ComfortFit flanges make for a more suitable fit while pumping. It’s portable and lightweight, too.

Stubborn Diaper Rash Healing Cream | $9.99 four-ounce tube

It’s not thick and sticky like other Zinc Oxide-based creams. This cream is grease-, fragrance- and steroid-free because it’s made with all-natural ingredients including aloe vera complex, oats, shea butter, beeswax, zinc PCA and vitamins B and E. You may see results as soon as after the first use.

Cubby Cove | $119.99

Made with 3D mesh technology, this super-breathable lounger is sturdy and lightweight — perfect for babies to nap, play and relax in. The large sizes gives it a longer usage time — even for babies up to 18 months old. It’s a portable nest for cosleeping, too. It also comes with a clip-on shade. Available in blue, pink or white.

Ultra-Compact Travel Bassinet
(also pictured at top) | $79.99

Newborns up to 5 months old (up to 15 pounds) can sleep comfortably wherever your travels take you with this portable bassinet. Indoor or outdoor, this nap space features breathable mesh all around for easy airflow and gives you a better view of Baby while he sleeps. The attached electronic pod provides soft music, gentle vibrations and a dim light to help soothe Baby to sleep.

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