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January 18, 2022

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Indoors or out (how about virtual for your neighborhood?) make the most of Easter Sunday with egg hunt variations.

Dont just hide eggs and call it a day — get into hiding them with some spiffy ideas for something a little new.

Virtual Egg Hunt
The rules are simple: decorate an Easter egg, hang it in your window, then hunt for more in the neighborhood. Start by crafting an egg, either by drawing, painting, or cutting one out of cardboard. We recommend making it large enough to be seen from a distance. Then, hang it in a window facing the sidewalk, so passers-by can spot it easily. When you're done, head outside and see how many eggs you can find in your neighborhood.

Egg Hunt Bunny Markers
Grab some sturdy cardstock and cut out bunny, egg and carrot shapes. Glue to wooden craft sticks or Popsicle sticks, then scatter throughout the yard to guide everyone to their hidden treats! If the weather is gloomy, take it indoors! 

Golden Egg Ticket
Do your kids love Willy Wonka? Place “the golden ticket” in one of the plastic easter eggs. Whoever finds the golden ticket gets a special prize. 

Confetti Egg Party
Have a fun pre-Easter party with the kids! Keep you empty egg shells (crack them leaving an opening at the top, then rinse with warm water and dry). Place eggs in carton; fold a piece of paper, creating a funnel, and use it to fill the clean eggshells with your favorite, festive confetti. Cover tops of eggs with tissue paper using Mod Podge to help them stick. Now, have a party and go to town and smash them around!

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Ditch the plastic with an outdoor scavenger hunt. Grab some paper lunch bags, and print out a free printable at with items to find in nature, or create your own! Think pinecones, daisys, rocks, different leaves and something they think is a treasure!

Smart Phone Egg Hunt
Are your big kids too cool for traditional Easter egg hunts? They may think again after this techy QR code Egg Hunt. You will need a smart phone, then download a free QR Code scanner (one that works well is called “Scan.”) Next, head to to print your codes and clues – all the clues are numbered and the QR codes are numbered to match the corresponding clue where the egg is hiding. Print all the QR codes and only use the ones that work for your yard and watch your big kids run wild! 

Hoppin’ Easter Egg Hunt
Get the kids really moving with this active hunt! Come up with at least 20 fun exercises on a piece of paper to get the kids shaking during their fun hunt, indoors or outdoors! Cut them out, fill the eggs with the paper and some treats! Exercises can be “Hop like a bunny,” “Do a summersault,” “Quack like a duck” – the sky’s the limit! Grab a free printable at

Easter Egg Relay Race
The kids can work as a group to find the colorful eggs. Split the kids into teams and have a member from each team search for an egg. Find an egg, tag a teammate!

Easter Bunny Trail
This one is perfect for the little bunnies in your life! Using sidewalk chalk, draw “bunny footprints” up your sidewalk, keeping them kid-friendly hopping distance apart (you can have one of the kids hop for you so you don’t place them too far apart. If you want to really get creative with the footprints, head to for more ideas). Place the eggs along the bunny trail, and let the Littles hop to the prints that lead to the eggs! 

Pom-Pom Hunt
Who says you have to use eggs? Place little craft pom poms around the house, maybe even a certain color for each child, and hide them everywhere. Create a craft with the poms poms when you’re finished! 

Night Glow Hunt
The older kids will love this one! Fill the Easter eggs with glow sticks once the sun goes down! Even the adults can have fun doing this. 



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