Pam Stafford of No-Kill Williamson County doesn’t like confrontation. So it’s ironic that the friendly non-profit volunteer found herself on the front lines of the pet rescue movement in 2006. Stafford and other volunteers at Williamson County Animal Control “who were just there to walk dogs and love on pets” inadvertently discovered the truth about the high euthanasia rate. “And then, of course,” Stafford says, “someone has to speak up!” And they did. Over the course of many conversations, advocacies and yes, ruffled feathers, the non-profit No-Kill Williamson County (see more pet rescue centers below) was born. Stafford says today they see a save rate of 90 percent at Williamson County Animal Control, but efforts to save animals are ongoing and there’s always more that can be done. That’s why it’s a great thing to consider adopting a pet from a shelter or even fostering a rescue dog. (In order to foster a dog, sign up at Animal Control to do so; fostering entails keeping a pet with you at your home until a forever family is found for the animal). And when you go to a shelter to find a dog or cat, Stafford says, “Don’t judge an animal behind a cage door. A lot of people want ‘cute’ or have some idea of what they want and yet people can pass up the most amazing animals.” Stafford says many animals in cages are frightened and “low.” Once you actually get them out of a cage to interact with them you can discover so much more. “Look, we all love animals, right?” Stafford says. “We can all be a part of the solution because we’re always going to have this situation,” she adds.

Adopt at a Local Shelter


Agape Animal Rescue 615-406-7799 Dog adoption & fostering. The Cat Shoppe & Dog Store 2824 Bransford Ave., Nashville 615-297-7877 Kittens & cats through Cat Shoppe Rescue, Inc. East C.A.N. Dog and cat adoption plus fostering in East Nashville. Love at First Sight! Pet Adoption Center 4423 Murphy Road Nashville 615-297-2464 Puppies & kittens. Music City Animal Rescue Dogs, cats & fostering. Nashville Cat Rescue Cats & kittens. Nashville Humane Association 213 Oceola Ave., Nashville 615-352-1010 Dogs & cats. Proverbs 12:10 Dogs, cats & fostering.


P.A.W.S. (Pet adoption & welfare services) 285 John Rice Blvd., Murfreesboro 615-898-7740 Dogs and cats. PurrEver Love Cat Rescue 615-987-0050 Cats & kittens.


Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary 615-664-2380 Dogs and cats. Humane Society of Sumner County 16 Volunteer Drive, Hendersonville Dogs and cats.


Happy Tales Humane 4001 Hughes Crossing, Ste. 161, Franklin 615-261-7387 Dogs and cats. Williamson County Animal Center 106 Claude Yates Drive, Franklin 615-790-5590 Dogs & cats.   Save Save