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May 25, 2024

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Organic Eating at Upcoming New Restaurant

Organic eating is on the rise and there's a new restaurant coming soon to Murfreesboro that supports this healthy eating lifestyle.

The Fountains at Gateway has everyone’s mouths watering with excitement. In addition to several other wonderful features, they’ve recently announced that Kitchen Fresh will also be opening up. This is not a chain opening a new location. It’s a new restaurant opening up for the first time! Kitchen Fresh is a fast serve, healthy and organic local eats for the everyday individual looking to maintain a simple and clean lifestyle. Families can look forward to made from scratch and fresh-to-order meals served in bowls. You pick the ingredients for your bowl sized small, regular, family or even kid-sized. Pick from a variety of complex carbohydrate base of rice, quinoa or noodles; a choice of vegetable and healthy protein; and one of the restaurant’s handcrafted sauces. Kitchen Fresh also serves cold-pressed juice as well as its own teas, lemonades, almond milk and almond-milk coffee hybrid drinks.

Why Organic?

“There is growing demand for delicious, healthy food served quickly. Our new brand is based on this principle,” said Brandon Whitsett, co-owner. “We selected Fountains at Gateway for our first restaurant because of its upscale design and location as well as the appeal of its work-play community environment. The convenience and quality of our food will attract [professionals] during the day and families on evenings and weekends.”

Kitchen Fresh will be located at 1440 Medical Center Pkwy., Ste. A in Murfreesboro. Learn more at

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