On December 14, 2012, the residents of Newtown, Connecticut had their lives forever altered when the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place. The deadliest massacre of children the U.S. has ever seen, the tragedy still continues to affect hundreds of lives. "Newtown," the critically acclaimed documentary that was filmed over three years and chronicles that dark December day just nine days before Christmas, comes to big screens across the nation for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Wednesday, Nov. 2. After the showing of "Newtown," audiences will witness a live town hall panel discussion featuring Mark Barden, father of victim Daniel; Mary Ann Jacob, a surviving educator; Hugo Rojas, father of a surviving first grader and Dr. Bill Begg, Danbury Hospital ER vice chair. Made possible through Fathom Entertainment's Digital Broadcast Network, the event takes place at only two local theaters: Opry Mills 20 Plus Imax at 570 Opry Mills Drive and Green Hills 16 at 3815 Green Hills Village Drive. Tickets are on sale now for $16.39 a piece at fathomevents.com.