Getting in the car and just driving, to anywhere, at any time of day, for no reason at all should be on your bucket list. Why? Because one day soon your baby will be here and you won't be able to make a move without  having him with you or knowing exactly what he needs next! As a mom of four, I remember going from "I'm such a busy career girl" to "I'm the busiest person on the planet" once my first baby arrived. Forget what happens once #2 or #3 or more arrives.     Once Baby arrives the days of solo-as-you-go are gonzo. While you can't wait for your little bundle to get here, pretty darn soon after he's here, you will find yourself wishing for a little solo R&R.     So take it from me: Make the most of this small window of opportunity before your baby's born. We've collected ideas ... for you as a couple ... to indulge in!

Bucket List Ideas

  1. Getaway. Every weekend. Just do it. Chattanooga. Atlanta. Memphis. Downtown Nashville. Get away together and enjoy sleeping in!
  2. Host a big dinner party for your friends -- the ones you want to help out after Baby's born!
  3. Recognize and enjoy your spontaneity. Get up and go anywhere, anytime.
  4. Take that honeymoon you skipped. It's time. 
  5. Cook together. Enjoy exotic recipes you won't have time for soon enough.
  6. Do something whacky. Like go scuba diving. Or jump out of a plane. Or fly to Paris for dinner.
  7. Tackle that hike you've always wanted to do together.
  8. Talk about how you want to raise your child and come to terms you both agree on.
  9. Get a fun all-girls night in and an all-guys night in.
  10. Talk to your moms about raising kids.
  11. Soak in a bubbly tub for as long as you like.
  12. Go to an adult movie.
  13. Shop somewhere cool ... One word ... IKEA.
  14. Put a blanket down on the grass and stare at the beautiful blue sky and dream.
  15. Enjoy afternoon naps.
  16. Try a new hobby together.
  17. Work on your nest together.