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April 20, 2024

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Williamson County Public Safety Urges Community to Take Personal Safety Measures

Williamson County first responders have seen an increase in accidents over the past 3 days, responding to approximately 48 fall injury accidents and 171 motor vehicle accidents across the County since February 13th.

City Street Departments and the County Highway Department have used over 1,610 tons of salt on City and County roadways over the past 2 days. Despite this, road conditions continue to worsen.

Individuals should take extreme caution when venturing outdoors. Public safety agencies across the County continue to urge the community to stay home.

Winter Safety Tips:

Use salt on outdoor steps, patios, and driveways. If salt is not available, other alternatives could include sand or kitty litter. It is important to keep in mind that while you may have already salted your driveway or steps, current weather conditions may have caused these hard surfaces to refreeze.

Ice accumulation on trees could cause limbs to suddenly fall.

As more ice begins to form on power lines, it is also important to keep your home prepared for any potential power outages.

  • Keep all of your devices charged, including extra power banks. This is especially important for anyone with medical devices that require power. Only use candles in approved holders.
  • Ensure that you have additional lighting sources like flashlights and battery-operated lamps.
  • Check on your neighbors. They may also need resources or assistance.
  • Have additional cold weather gear and blankets set aside in your home.
  • Remember to sign up for the Williamson County Emergency Alert System! This system is shared between the County, Spring Hill, Fairview, Thompson’s Station, Nolensville, Franklin and Brentwood. Sign-up here:
  • Remember to also be safe while sledding! Injuries often occur when the sled hits a stationary object or the child falls off.
  • Children should have an adult with them when they go sledding.
  • Avoid sledding in areas with trees, fences, light poles, frozen lakes, streams or ponds, or on rocky hills. Surface areas of lakes and ponds may appear to be frozen, but will likely not be frozen enough to support humans.
  • Never tie rope to the back of a vehicle or ATV and pull passengers on a sled or other device.

Williamson County also has established a Storm Impacts page, with information regarding facility closures, service impacts, and outage map links here:

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