We're excited to share with you our newest addition to our magazine: “New Baby Announcements!” Beginning in our June issue, we will feature birth announcements with LOCAL babies! Yeah, you'll still send the traditional birth announcement to friends and family, but how would you like to see his picture in our magazine? It's easy, too! All you have to do is send us a photo of your baby with baby's birth information.

Birth Announcement Key Info Needed:

  • Baby’s full name
  • Birth date
  • Birth weight
  • Length in inches
So, when you're ready, get a good picture and gather the info. E-mail them to kiera@daycommedia.com using the subject line: BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT. Submitting your infant’s photo and vitals will also serve as a photo release, giving this magazine permission to publish your child’s image and info. Photos will be randomly selected. Due to high volume of photos that come through, only a select few will make print.