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May 29, 2023

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Smartphones: Wait Until 8th Grade

An online community can help you control the urge to buy a cell phone for your young child.

"When can I get a cell phone? My friends have one!" It's something you may hear every day from your child. She wants a cell phone and doesn't care what it takes to get one. She's also oblivious that she may be too young to have one. You know the dangers that lurk in the cyber world, and some kids are savvy enough to get around parental controls on devices. Still, she's constantly begging for smartphone, and it's driving you bonkers.

Many parents opt for a cell phone early on for reasons like staying connected during after-school activities, keeping in touch in case of emergencies and so on.

According to a Nielsen report (2017), just under 45 percent of U.S. children ages 10 – 12 had their own smartphone with a service plan. But, if your child's with you, does he really need one? Think about it. What decision wiil you make?

The Wait

Wait Until 8th is a pledge that empowers parents to rally together to delay giving children a smartphone until at least 8th grade. Question is, who among you can wait that long? Can the constant beg for a phone be tuned out long enough? Wait Until 8th is a community support site where parents can band together and help each other fight the urge to give in.

The pledge, however, does allow for a basic phone. Which is really all your child needs if he just needs to get in touch with you, right? But, to make the pledge take effect, you must get 10 other families from the same school and grade to sign the pledge, too. Once that's done, your strength in numbers will give you the power to resist! The site also lists ways that phones are distracting and just not good for young kids.

Ready to take the pledge? Head to Wait Until 8th.

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