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May 29, 2024

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Snow Day Calculator?

When will the next snow day be for your area? Find out (only if you have Alexa) with the Snow Day Calculator!

Say it with me, “Alexa, enable Snow Day Calculator.” Don’t ask. Just do it. Of course, it only works if you HAVE Alexa. This handy skill for Alexa answers your child’s repeated questioning of when it’s going to snow and chance of school cancellation. Yep. “She” knows. Well, with the help of the Dark Sky API and a Support Vector Machine to predict the chance.

First, you need to give your zip code. Then, this Alexa Skill, which became available in November, 2017) can calculate the chances of snow for the next day based off past weather data. Pretty nifty, huh? However, it only gives info for the next day. So, your child may ask Alexa to calculate the chances every. single. day!

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