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January 18, 2022

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Snuggle Up & Love Your Parent Life

Enjoy it when you get down times with the kids! Give in to just having fun as a mom or dad.

Bring love and energy to your relationship with your kids — you know you want to. During downtime, like Saturday morning or spring break or a vacation, be the parent you really want to be with your children — warm, friendly, affectionate, available and playful.

Great Ways to Enjoy Being Parents

1) Snuggle Up
Kids love snuggling and gentle wrestling and rough housing. Give in to your playful side and enjoy, moms and dads.

2) Game Nights
You’ll be amazed at how loose everyone can be while playing a game. Pull out a classic like "Apples to Apples" or whatever your kids suggest. Side conversations that occur while you play will delight and stimulate everyone.

3) Enjoy Outings
Take a break from the ordinary.  Go to the symphony or to a fun event together. Take a weekend getaway or if you can, book a stay at the beach and unwind with your kids.

4) A Family Journal
Keep a family journal out in the open and encourage your kids and spouse to write in it. Don't make it a big deal, but place an attractive jar of pens and pencils nearby and chat about your recent entry. Tell them there are no rules and that they can write anything! Tell them they can write in questions, jot down thoughts you don't want to forget? Sketch a picture. There is no "right" or "wrong," it's just about filling each other in better.

5) Family Tech
You don't have to suddenly start Snapchatting to keep up with your kids, but you CAN text them, let them know what's happening when a schedule changes, send encouraging thoughts and happy emojis. Also, FaceTime and Skype are great for parents who travel or who don’t live in the same home as the kids. Embrace these tools for better connectivity.

6) One-on-One Time
Children relish your undivided attention sometimes. Make a point to carve out a few moments of one-on-one time with each of your kids each day — even if it's just a morning backscratch and a wake-up coo.

7) Eat Together When You Can
Add at least one family treat time or dinner to your calendar so you can do this most basic ritual together weekly. Eating together let's you talk and reconnect. Whether it's popcorn while watching a movie, a full spread dinner, or a quick cup of coffee while your kid eats waffles on the fly — grab this moment with your kids.

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