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May 30, 2024

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Spring Break Family Challenge

Here are a few family-friendly activities to occupy the kids during the week off school.

Don’t struggle with finding something to do when the kids are on spring break! If you’re staying home, we challenge you to have some fun and do as many things as you can with your kids while they’re out of school. Here’s a few  ideas to get you started:

Build Flower Bombs

Grab a shovel, flower seeds, a bowl and water then head outside! Toss some dirt in your bowl, pour in a package of flower seeds and start adding water a little at a time and mixing it up with your hands. Think of it like making cookies. Once you get a thick batter, start rolling little balls that are about one to two inches in diameter. After you’ve rolled all the “batter,” place it out in the sun to dry. When you’re ready, you can plant them wherever your heart desires. Or, you can give them as gifts.

Got a little gardener on your hands? Encourage the love of planting even further with Riverbend Nurseries Kids Club. “We believe it’s very important to introduce children to gardening because it teaches them so many valuable lessons,” says Rebekah Davenport of Riverbend Nurseries.  The Kids Club meets every third Saturday of the month for $5 per child.

Artistic Endeavors

Curious little Picassos, listen up — there’s fun to be had at Cheekwood. After exploring the world of nature outdoors (or even in the museums), take your tot over to the Learning Center’s studio for the Tuesday’s for Tots program.

“When kids come out to Cheekwood for Tuesdays for Tots, they’re getting a fun and unique art experience centered around STEM education,” says Nathalie Lavine, director of education and programs at Cheekwood. “No two crafts are the same, so each week features a new art project designed to stimulate motor skills and allow kids to express their creativity in his or her own way. This spring, we’re looking forward to getting outdoors as we incorporate the gardens into our weekly activity.” This program takes place now through May from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and is free with regular admission ($16 adults, $9 ages 3 – 17). Drop-in activities change weekly, too.

Friendly Athletic Competitions

Invite friends and family over for a day of friendly competition. Once you have your full roster, divide everyone up and pick some games to play. You can do anything from flag football, kick ball, dodge ball, Frisbee, etc. Whatever you have the equipment for is good enough. If you have enough players, pit one family against another and winner takes on the next family. See how far your family can go before getting eliminated! Don’t forget to have fun snacks and plenty of water around.

Outdoor Adventures

Tennessee is lush with trails and Greenway systems. Instead of taking the same old walk in your area, consider driving to another city or county to explore its walking trails. You’ll be able to discover new things with your child. Make it a little more interesting by taking a camera with you and documenting your findings.

Done with walking? Go fishing for the day, but don’t forget to get your license! Most county clerks, sporting goods stores, hardware stores, boat docks and all TWRA offices have them. You can also sign up online at Go Outdoors Tennessee. You can get a three-day, 10-day or annual permit.

End the day by setting up camp … in the backyard! Sleeping out under the stars at home is a great way to introduce your child to camping. Plus, if she gets scared, just head indoors.

Chore Change-Up

Spring is the time you seem to always want to do some deep cleaning. However, kids hate it. They don’t like to clean their rooms all that much. But, if you change it up a bit, you can make it fun for them! Instead of you cleaning your room and her cleaning her own room, offer a swap. Let your child tidy up your room while you dig into hers. She can make your bed, vacuum, dust, etc., while you can really deep clean her room. Give her some shaving foam and let her spray it all over the sink and counter (like you did in elementary school when you cleaned your desk). She’ll love playing in it and it’ll clean up the sink while she’s at it.

Culinary Fun

If it just happens to rain and you need something fun to do indoors, get crafty in the kitchen! Break out an old cookbook and let your child select what you’ll make for the day. Better yet, think of something off the top of your head that you can create together … making up the instructions and ingredients along the way.

If you really have a little chef on your hands, consider a class for spring break. The Curious Kitchen in Murfreesboro has a Jr. Chef Spring Break Camp for kids already comfortable in the kitchen and ready to expand their learning. The three-hour hands-on cooking class takes place March 27 – 31 from 8 – 11 a.m. and costs $250 per child for the entire week.

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