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July 24, 2024

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Student Sections to be Allowed at Athletic Events

Individual schools may now have student sections at athletic events. This means that any student with a ticket may now sit in a student section designated by the home school.

The district will continue to follow Tennessee Secondary Athletic Association (TSSAA) guidelines which state that the attendance of games be no more than one-third the gym’s capacity. Apart from the postseason, high school athletes will receive four tickets to give to whomever they wish; middle school athletes will receive three tickets. Masks are required at all events.

Additional guidelines for high school student sections and attendance are listed below:

  • Students should be grouped in pods of four with social distancing of six feet between groups.
  • The student sections, like the other sections in the bleachers, should be clearly marked.
  • Students must wear masks.
  • School administration is responsible for monitoring their student section. Home administration will monitor the home crowd, and the visiting administration will monitor the visiting crowd.
  • Students should not congregate in one small section and should spread out across the area designated for students, adhering to social distancing guidelines with no more than four in a group.
  • High school participants will still be given four tickets until the postseason. Once the tournament starts, access to tickets should be split among the participating schools with any unsold tickets made available to the other school or the public. No more than one-third capacity of the venue is allowed.

Middle school student sections may be allowed at the school’s discretion for the upcoming varsity tournament. Any student sections will adhere to the same guidelines as high school student sections.

For those who are unable to attend, some events will be streamed through the NFHS.

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