AWESOME PACK $49.98 a month for the Family Pack. WHAT YOU GET: Your preference with 6 - 8 items, a board game, activities & other goodies. CANDY CLUB $19.99 - $27.99 a box; monthly, 6-month or 12-month sub. WHAT YOU GET: A mix of three candies a month related to the “preference” profile you fill out. GRAZE $11.99 a box; 3-, 5-, 10- or 50-box sub. WHAT YOU GET: A treasure chest with four snacks inside tailored to what you want plus a surprise. TREATSIE $19.95 a box; 3-, 6- or 12-month sub. WHAT YOU GET: Artisan cookies, candy, chocolate. [caption id="attachment_73579" align="alignnone" width="300"]fea_subbatch BATCH: The Nashville-based company has received all kinds of attention for BATCH BOXES of hand-crafted southern goods. A Subscription Discovery Box goes out every three months filled with hand-selected limited-edition handmade goods from southern makers. Available are standard ($49) or deluxe ($99) versions for men, women or family. Available in one-, two- or three-quarater options, or for a full year (four boxes). Order a subscription now and the first box will ship in the second week of February 2017. Learn more at 615-913-3912 or visit[/caption]


BIRCHBOX $10 a month or $110 for a year WHAT YOU GET: Beauty in sample sizes & the occasional full-size product. FABFITFUN $49.99 a quarter WHAT YOU GET: A mix of home, beauty, fashion and fitness items. BLOOMSYBOX $34.99 a month WHAT YOU GET: Fresh flowers every month. BOOK OF THE MONTH 3-month sub. for $39.99 WHAT YOU GET: A new hardcover book each month. [caption id="attachment_73582" align="alignnone" width="300"]fea_submusthave MUST-HAVE BOX: From, it’s a monthly box of beauty goodies. Pick a plan ($39.95 for a month; $109.85 for three months; $214.70 for six months.[/caption]


BIRCHBOX MAN $20 a month WHAT YOU GET: Top-shelf grooming samples plus one full-size product. CRAFT BEER CLUB $39 a box; 1- to 12-month sub. WHAT YOU GET: 12 bottles or cans of American craft beers from select indie breweries. DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB $140 for a year (Executive Set) WHAT YOU GET: Starter kit includes razor handle with cartridges, shave butter, after shave and travel kit. New blades arrive monthly. FIVE FOUR CLUB $60 a month WHAT YOU GET: Curated packages customized to Dad’s personal style. He’ll receive shirts, pants, accessories & more.


BABYPALLET $35 a month; 1-, 6- and 12-month subsciptions available WHAT YOU GET: A monthly box of surprises for your baby, newborn to 3 years, based upon his age. KIWICRATE $60 for 3 months; $110 for 6 months; $205 for 12 months WHAT YOU GET: A themed crate filled with projects, games and experiments. LITTLE PASSPORTS $14.95 per month WHAT YOU GET: A new toy every month. PLEY One toy a month starts at $12.99; $29.99 for premium toys. WHAT YOU GET: A fully cleaned toy matched to your child’s age. You pick the toys, play and return. SURPRISE RIDE $24 a month; $20 a month for 6 months; $19 a month for a year. WHAT YOU GET: Activity items preselected by you for your child. [caption id="attachment_73580" align="alignnone" width="300"]fea_subkidpick KIDPIK BOX: For girls ages 4 - 14, set up a fashion profile, then KidPik curates a box of goodies. Each box comes with six to seven items — return what she doesn’t like. Available monthly, every three months or twice a season (8 boxes). $75 a box.[/caption]