Everybody’s going, or talking about going, so you might as well give in. Tennessee has several drive-in movies theaters — all of them a bit of a drive — so going will be a big event for your family that requires a little planning. We’ve got you covered for a memory-making night out with the kids. Just make sure your leave in plenty of time!

Drive-ins within an hour’s drive of Nashville:

Stardust | stardustdrivein.com (31 miles)
Pink Cadillac | pinkcadillacdrive-in.com (41 miles)
The Moonlite | themoonlite.com (40 miles)
Macon | macondrive-in.com (50 miles)


• Plan on a late night. Drive-Ins offer double features. Even if you pull away after the first feature, you’ll be getting home late.

• That’s Why The Kids Wear Pajamas. Then plop them right into bed when you get home.

• Bring cash just in case.  

• PACK FUn SNACKS.  Or pay a pretty bundle at the concession stand. Pop your own popcorn, candy, & pack a cooler with cold drinks. 

• BRING CHAIRS, PILLOWS & THROWS. Even on a warm night you can get chilled sitting outside. 

• PACK JUMPER CABLES ... JUST IN CASE.  When you play the sound through your car radio, batteries can drain fast. Be ready.