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July 18, 2024

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Take Your Pup to New Bark Springs Park

Kids can visit the new Bark Springs dog park, but playtime is for the dogs! This is their chance to use up some energy outdoors in a safe environment.

Smyrna residents have long been awaiting the day Bark Springs would open. Kids all over who have furry pals filled with energy and no place to play can now rejoice! The new dog park, which has been in the making for quite some time in the Sharp Springs area of Smyrna, is finally open. The “Friends of Bark Springs” spent countless hours of actively raising funds for the development of this safe and sustainable facility for off-leash, owner supervised, socialization of our canine companions in order to provide personal and community enrichment, and promote the health and well being of the citizens and canines of Smyrna, Tennessee. There are even two separate areas β€” one for big dogs and one for little dogs. As with any dog park, there are rules to follow, too. Children that do come to the park are not allowed to chase after the dogs and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. You can find the full list of rules on their Facebook page or on the sign posted at the site.

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Photo source: Bark Springs on Facebook during their grand opening celebration.

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