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The Dangerous Comforts of Infant Swings

Your baby may love to fall asleep in his baby swing, but don't leave him to snooze there. It's best — and safest — to move him to a safe-sleep spot.

If you've tried rocking Baby to sleep to no avail and the only thing that works is a ride in the car or in a swing … go for it! However, it's not a good idea to leave him in his seat or swing once asleep. Don't become part of the statistic and inappropriately rely on items like bouncers, swings, car seats, etc., to keep Baby asleep. Don't let the fear of waking him up and losing those few precious quiet moments keep you from removing him and placing him to sleep on a surface more suitable — and SAFE.

According to a recent large study, “Infant Deaths in Sitting Devices,” (Liaw P, et al. Pediatrics; May 20, 2019), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reports that of 11,779 infant sleep-related deaths, 348 (3 percent) babies died in sitting devices and in most cases while in car seats. The AAP also states, "More than 90 percent of the time, the car seats were not being used as directed. (The median age at death was 2 months.)"

The AAP strongly advises against using a sitting device — such as car seats, strollers, swings, infant carriers and infant slings — for routine sleep in the hospital or at home, particularly for young infants. "Infants who are younger than 4 months are particularly at risk, because they may assume positions that can create a risk of suffocation or airway obstruction or may not be able to move out of a potentially asphyxiating situation," adds the AAP.

Create the perfect space for Baby to sleep soundly and safely.

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