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Contact Information The Cordelle 45 Lindsley Avenue, Nashville, TN, USA
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    May 7:30 PM


Enjoy a night of new short plays by some of Nashville's writers, actors and directors. Nashville Story Garden gave the writers three conditions they must include in their shows: 1) Location: a bar; 2) A character has to change drastically; 3) The line "Grow up. Grow up. Get going already."

The talent includes:

Group 1
Writer: Aaron Muñoz
Director: Kit Bulla
Actors: Kelsie Craig and Nyazia Martin

Group 2
Writer: F. Lynne Bachleda
Director: Pete Vann
Actors: Garris Wimmer*, Nealy Glenn*, Carly Cylinder

Group 3
Writer: Nate Eppler
Director: JR Robles
Actors: Natalie Ruffino, Denise Hicks

Group 4
Writer: Mark Lemley
Director: Leah Lowe
Actors: Josh Inocalla, Katie Bruno, Rene Millan*

Group 5
Writer: Lori Fischer
Director: Tony Nappo
Actors: Morgan Davis, Patricia Taber

Cocktail hour starts at 6:30 p.m., show begins at 7:30 p.m.

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