Try something new this year and throw an impromptu POP-UP HALLOWEEN party for the kids and friends who pop by. The beauty of a pop-up party is they’re NO-STRESS, NO- FUSS events. Simply set out a decorative table with a few nibbles and a seasonal bev like cider, spiced tea or a festive punch. Turn on the music and start the party! Your kids will love you for getting into it. And your house will become the go-to spot!  A few things to get your party inspiration on: 1) Set up a table outside & decorate it for Hallowee 2) Set up some nibbles (see below) 3) Play some Halloween tunes 4) When friends pop over, have'em stay for a little bit with some quickie fun


Easy little games just for friends to do: “Guess How Many Candy Corn Are in the Jar?” Write down everyone’s guess and let people know when you’ll announce who wins — they get to keep the candy. “Pin the Spider on the Web” Use one of those webs outside and  make a “bull’s eye” ... Temporary Tattoo Station Using temporary Halloween tattoos, a sponge and water. Hold a 5 Minute Dance Contest Do the "Monster Mash!" Instant Costume Prizes Give something silly & fun out to the latest and greatest costume around


“Monster Mash” “Thriller” “This is Halloween” “Purple People Eater” “Time Warp” “Ghostbusters”   popup2



• Bottomless popcorn bowl • Long pretzel sticks • Trail Mix (yogurt-covered raisins, Chex cereal, banana chips) • Pizza rolls • Bagel bites