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April 23, 2024

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‘Vanderbilt KidTalk’ Helps With Language Development

Vanderbilt KidTalk is looking for families to participate in a virtual study looking at the effects of an online language intervention.

Does your 2-year-old have a language delay? If so, the Vanderbilt KidTalk program could be your answer. 

The research group, which studies language growth in young children, is currently enrolling participants in a virtual language intervention study, using video calls to assess child progress over time. With more than 50 research studies supporting our naturalistic, conversation-based language intervention, children who participate in KidTalk typically learn new vocabulary, talk in longer sentences and develop strong, positive relationships with their parents, teachers and peers.

According to the program's website, here are some milestones related to receptive and expressive language that they should be doing by 30 months (two-and-a-half years):

1) Labeling common objects in a book when asked “What’s this?”

2) Carrying out simple instructions such as: “Find your coat.” “Close the door.” “Get your book.” Without you pointing or using gestures.

3) Correctly pointing to at least 7 body parts

4) Using more than 100 words

5) Putting short sentences together with 2-3 words such as “baby hungry” or “car on top"

6) Using action words such as "go" and "eat" to describe what's happening.

If you’re worried your child is not reaching these milestones, you might qualify to participate in this virtual telecoaching research study. If you’d like Vanderbilt KidTalk to contact you for a screening, you can complete the survey at this link:

For more information, contact Vanderbilt KidTalk at or (615) 322-8160.

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