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April 21, 2024

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Top 3 Pregnancy Annoyances

Three irksome things that pregnant moms really want others to know about.

There are some things that just bug the poop out of pregnant women. Here were just three that I encountered during my pregnancy:

1. Do You Want a Boy or a Girl?

Everyone's excited no matter the outcome. So, why ask the question? Why put so much burden on a pregnant woman to make her answer such a thing? Of course, the cliché thing to say is, "A happy, healthy baby." Aren't you tired of thinking that and tired of being asked the question? You probably hear it about 100 times a day. So, here's what you can say if this is your second child:

I WANT A BOY … because having a boy may be so much easier! Maybe your first born is a boy and he wants a brother so badly … mainly because he wants bunk beds. They can play ball together, chase the dogs together, dig in the dirt together. Having a brother to do all that with would be so much fun!

I WANT A GIRL … because my daughter is kind, beautiful and would be a wonderful big sister to a little girl. I love doing my nails with her. We love doing crafts together and shopping together. Having a sister would possibly mean talking about boys, school, fashion and so on.

2. Hands Off My Belly; Rub My Back!

Seriously. Even when you're barely showing, strangers are eager to touch your belly. They're just touching your gut. There's nothing at the forefront of your belly that needs caressing. So, why do they do it? Most pregnant women never want anyone to touch their bellies even when they're huge. But, to have someone rub your belly like three or four times the same day when you are still so early into the pregnancy is just weird. When you do start to show, people should have the courtesy to at least ask. If they really want to rub something, ask 'em to rub your back. Like it's an everything-is-going-to-be-all-right kind of rub. A show of support. It'll be much appreciated.

3. Will Your Kids Name the Baby?

What are they thinking!? LOL. With young, imaginative siblings, you could end up with something like Baby Shark or a Disney princess. Sure, there might have a round-table session discussing possible names and you'll take your other children's input and consider it. Maybe you can come up with a list of names you like and just let them pick from that list.

While there are just three on this list, you know there could be more. Brace yourself. Write them down. Encourage yourself to stand up for what you want and what you don't want from others.

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