Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam Wicked Cool Toys | wickedcooltoys.com or xtreme-cycle.com | $79.99 | Ages 8 and older Everyone loves taking videos of their own stunts and just being silly. Well, on a safer side of that, your kid can video the super stunts he gets his remote controlled motorcyclist. He can perform all sorts of sharp turns, flips and more — and with the built-in helmet cam on the rider, everything is recorded for awesome video playback! Sky Rover Missle Launcher Sky Rover Voice Command Missile Launcher Auldey Toys | auldeytoys.us | $44.99 | Ages 8 and older Your adventurous one will love how he can control this helicopter with his own voice using simple commands. Watch it soar through the room (indoor use only) and launch the eight missiles at your child's command! LEGO King Pigs Castle The Angry Birds Movie King Pig’s Castle LEGO | lego.com | $89.99 | Ages 8 - 14 Relive the movie as the Angry Birds attack King Pig’s Castle — once you build it, of course. After it's built, aim the birds at the target zones to collapse the structure! It comes with five figures, too. Lionel Mega Track Cork Screw Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos Starter Set Lionel | megatracks.lionel.com | $99.99 | Ages 8 and older This master set includes 20 feet of TwisTrack and 55 construction pieces to build a customized track layout. Attach a phone to the remote control to enhance your child's experience. Mega Bloks American Girl Saiges American Girl Saige’s Art Studio MEGA BLOKS | americangirl.megabloks.com | $19.99 | Ages 8 and older The American Girl fun continues with this 198-piece set. It includes a buildable art studio with artist’s easel, paint table and real fabric details; a highly detailed, fully articulated Saige mini figure; accessories and a storybook. Crayola Crayon Factory2 Crayon Factory Crayola | crayola.com | $34.99 | Ages 8 and older Don’t throw away those unused, broken crayons! Melt them into different shapes with this easy-to-use crayon factory. Having fun shapes adds more life to the coloring experience because you get to color with your creations! Remix Singing Machine Remix Hi-Def Digital Karaoke System Singing Machine | singingmachine.com | $79.99 | Ages 10 and older Rest your tablet on this machine featuring a wired microphone and LED lights and sing your heart out! Search for songs and create custom playlists right from the system. The accompanying flash drive allows you to download music from the app and build your very own go-to karaoke song library.