Those of us with children who suffer from ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety or any other neurological condition which impedes development knows the struggle between wanting to care for our children and reducing the amount of medications they are taking on a regular basis. As medicine has developed so has the number of pills on the market approved to treat these things, but at some point, we feel like a pharmacy passing drugs along to our children. Often, these medications cause side effects that many of us find worse than the actual issue being being treated. However, there is a little-known alternative that has been around for almost three decades. LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) Therapy works by correcting abnormal brainwaves with low-energy impulses. The whole procedure takes approximately three to four minutes which is easily more feasible than the longer therapy sessions often suggested for bad cases of attention disorders. OCHS laboratories developed the treatment 25 years ago, and it's now in more than 300 centers around the United States, though it is new to Middle Tennessee. Harmonized Brain Centers opened in September in Nashville, and it has been around since 2013 in its original Colorado Springs location. Managing Director Sheri Rowney is sister to the husband-and-wife team in Colorado. It was through their influence and her 16 years of being principal at a private school (where Rowney saw so many children struggling with their conditions) that she decided to become a LENS practitioner herself — especially after seeing the positive results happening in those being treated at the Colorado office. [caption id="attachment_74417" align="alignright" width="285"] Click image to see video about how Harmonized Brain Centers' therapy works.[/caption] The therapy — in conjunction with life coaching — helps bring great improvement to those suffering from many neurological conditions, and it isn’t just for children. Rowney, in fact, notes that many parents who bring their children for treatment often end up being treated themselves. Many have found extreme improvement in everything from anxiety and depression to concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Many have found it helps with migraines and the symptoms of auto-immune diseases like fibromyalgia. This is because many of the people suffering from conditions like these have brain activity where the amplitude and frequency is higher and faster than normal. This ends up causing the tiredness and headaches, which are calmed by the impulses sent through the brain as part of the treatment. If you’re wanting to help your children, or yourself, get better without invasive surgeries or endless medications, Harmonized Brain Centers can help. They offer a free initial consultation which includes brain mapping and the first treatment. They find that almost everyone who does the initial consultation ends up returning for further treatment, because they quickly see the difference in their acuity. Harmonized Brain Centers is located at 197 Thompson Lane, Nashville. Contact them at 615-331-8762 or info@harmonizedbraincenterstn.com. Learn more at harmonizedbraincenterstn.com.