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May 26, 2024

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‘Trolls: Save the Humans’ Opens at Cheekwood May 2

Through storytelling, this traveling exhibition urges people to keep the world beautiful for future generations.

Stomping into Cheekwood this spring is Thomas Dambo’s Trolls: Save the Humans, with Imagine Exhibitions, opening May 2. Six installed enormous trolls are on a mission to inspire humans to take better care of nature. Each troll comes with a unique story and is an artistic creation of repurposed wood by the world’s leading recycling artist. For the exhibit, the trolls believe rethinking how we live our daily lives will help to save the planet for all animals and humans — and they have ideas to share.

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Cheekwood’s unique gardens make a perfect environment for this unique exhibit. Danish recycling artist Dambo blends art and nature with messages of sustainability. The trolls — ranging from 16 to 50 feet tall — come with an environmental call. They tell an evolved story of listening and tending to nature, an outstanding message for all ages to hear. Building on the Nordic-inspired tales and artist-made poems surrounding more than 100 of Dambo’s trolls that exist in other locations around the world, Dambo’s vision demonstrates that trash can be turned into something beautiful.

Storytelling is central to the exhibition. In Denmark, trolls are a folklore tradition; sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re evil. Dambo keeps the tradition alive by creating his own fairytales around them, aiming to reach people to leave a beautiful world for coming generations.

Trolls: Save the Humans will be at Cheekwood Estate and Gardens May 2 through September 1, 2024. Cheekwood is located at 1200 Forrest Park Drive in Nashville. Reserve tickets for “Trolls” here.


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