Do you have a 27- to 30-month old child with a language delay? If so, you may be able to enroll her in a study through Vanderbilt KidTalk.

Vanderbilt KidTalk is a research group studying language growth in young children with disabilities. The Vanderbilt team aims to provide its intervention techniques in a fun way that you and your child's teachers can do, too. According to KidTalk, children who participate in the program usually learn new vocabulary, talk in longer sentences and develop strong relationships with parents, peers and teachers.


Vanderbilt KidTalk currently seeks families to participate in studies looking at the effects of language intervention. Participants can receive the following:

• Language therapy from a trained professional.

• Compensation for your time.

• Toys and books for your child.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the study, apply HERE. For more info, call 615-322-1880 or e-mail